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Collet Chucks


Collet Chucks

Collet Chucks are used in place of 3-Jaw Power Chucks on CNC Turning Machines to improve the accuracy of the finished product.
Unlike 3-Jaw Chucks, where clamping is only at 3 points on the part, a collet chuck grips the part on the complete surface, thus guaranteeing better part accuracy and lower part runout.

ITC makes a range of standard sized CR Series Collet Chucks that cover a large range. Collets for additional sizes can also be obtained at short notice. (Collet Chucks Catalogue.pdf)

Segmented Collet Chucks are a further improvement on CR Series Collet Chucks for users who require extremely rigid and accurate clamping. Clamping is achieved on the full surface area of the part, giving it exceptional accuracy while machining. (Segmented Collet Chucks.pdf)

For special requirements of non-standard workholding, or requirements with even greater accuracy, we provide workholding systems designed to meet specific customer requirements. Please contact us with specific enquiries for the same.


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